Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Yoga, Yoga Therapy



 “Huma’s teaching is meticulous and thoughtful while her passion for yoga is contagious. What makes Huma so unique is not just the magic with which she teaches, but primarily her world-class passion and dedication” Nina A.


“I love every minute of Huma’s classes. New moves and ideas are incorporated. After taking gentle beginner and therapeutic yoga classes for 10 years, I found Huma’s classes. She puts all the elements into the most enjoyable classes. Professionalism, music, flow, strength, meditation and relaxation, positive and welcoming vibe, thorough understanding of form and options, reading us excerpts – wisdom approach. She ties it all and is taking us to another level” Sheela Duesler


“Huma’s classes have given me the strength and the poise to get through the day. I could not be happier with a yoga class” Vicki Hernandez



“Run and take Huma’s classes….We are so blessed to have her as our teacher” Melissa Zier 



“I love Huma’s classes and very much look forward to coming to her class. She is very knowledgeable about yoga and its benefits. I also appreciate the spirituality she brings to us.” Linda Elder


“Huma’s classes are excellent to refresh and rejuvenate” Eva Sloan


“I find Huma to be healing, affirming, wise, and a gentle teacher. Therapy for the mind and the body” Rebecca Prichard


“Huma’s classes are wonderful.. Mindful of different levels.”Lisa Laubhan